Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Camping Trip

Pin It I wanted to do a post today.

Our Goblin Valley trip is amazing! There was a bit of trouble last night though…the wind started to pick up and blew down the Black family’s tent! It was quite humorous really…well, not really. I guess All-A-Boy thought it was necessary to come tell me all about it (at 2 am). I was able to help them get it back up and we all returned to sleep about fifteen minutes later. Of course, I was the hero the next morning because AAB felt he had to tell everyone about my heroic act.

The curses of being in a tent next door!

It was an absolutely glorious morning when we got up. I ended up getting up about an hour before the sunrise and decided to take a little hike by myself. It was so quiet and…how do I say it?


It was almost a shame when everybody else woke up a bit later and noise broke into my solace in the wilderness.

After a breakfast of French toast (Suki is amazing) and milk that was only slightly warm we headed out to Little Wildhorse Canyon. If you’ve never been there, you are missing out on one of those places God placed on the earth just so people would say, “Whoa…”

I was a bit worried about all of the adults enjoying themselves, and taking part in the “family” activities. However, I need not have worried, everybody was really involved in the activities and we had a great time. If you’ve never been to Wildhorse Canyon, you are sorely missing out on one of the wonderful things life has to offer. I HIGHLY recommend going and taking part in it!

Later tonight we are going to make S’mores—truly one of the best things about camping. In fact, I’d better go; I’m supposed to be playing guitar for campfire in just a few minutes.

Until next time…

By the way, you’re probably wondering how I am posting from the desert…the coolest thing here at the valley…some of the rangers and environmentalists realized that people out in the desert have often been stranded or died because of lack of ways to communicate. To help combat this they decided to breed a new cactus which actually transmits wireless service!

I know; crazy!

By the way, if you believe that, I’ve got some really great invisible stuff I’d like to sell you…and some shares of a new bridge they’re building across Utah Lake.


Emily said...

When are you coming back? I've got something for you.

Gerb said...

I can not even tell you how jealous I am that I wasn't with my family in that tent. I'm sure the baby is glad we stayed home, though.

Awesome photo!

Panama Jones said...

Ditto. I wish I were there with you all. Thanks for the update!

Farscaper said...

Gerb - I was wondering if you and the babe were in that frey. Glad to hear you're both safe from wayward tents. LOL

JZ - I have never been to those places. Bummer living here for so long and I've never been much of anywhere. Shoot! I've never been to the sand dunes which are not very far from here (everyone else in my family has).

I am hoping that we can go hunting for trilobytes soon - before it gets too hot. My daughter wants to be a paleontologist. She's into dinosaurs and dragons.

I do miss red skies like that. Had them all the time in AZ (dust in the air). Not so much here. Cameras can never really capture the real life beauty. HAVE FUN!!!

Kris said...

See the desert is a wonderful place! I am so glad you are having a wonderful time. You also have to have a tent moment once in your life. And as for the cactus...yeah we have one in our back yard that actually runs the swamp cooler too. You are to funny!

summer said...

I have never been to Goblin Valley - it sounds spectacular and hopefully before we move again we can try to visit there. I was remembering a tent story from when I went to Bryce Canyon during a break from college with my family -it was raining while we set up the tent, and it continued to rain...actually POUR all through the night. Sleeping was miserable - there was no sleep, so we finally all left the tent around midnight and tried to sleep the rest of the night in the car. In the morning everything was sopping wet in the tent...so we took everything down and checked into the lodge and swam in a heated pool and did our laundry and tried to get everything dry. As we were leaving the sun started to shine...finally! It was a crazy but very memorable and fun trip...too bad they didn't have any wireless cacti back then! Looking forward to more incredible photos.

Gerb said...

OK, so I feel a little gullible. Even with your disclaimer at the end, you had me fooled. But in my defense, have you ever seen the cell phone "tree" antennae on University down towards Riverwoods? I wouldn't be surprised if a cactus was the new thing...maybe you should market it and get rich.

ablackman said...

Count me in on that bridge deal!

Teachinfourth said...

Emmy - I'm back. Call me, okay?

Gerb - I guess it's now out of the bag eh? I thought my subtle reference a the end would have tipped you off, I guess it didn't. However, I was impressed how right I was about the Wildhorse hike...it was well received and liked by all.

PJ - Looks like I faked you out a bit too...I'm sure you heard about A's little adventure with the tire and battery...

FS - They are really great places, I plan to post a few photos in the next week or so...

Kris - Two years ago we had a storm hit and our tent was blown down. We ended up sleeping on the school bus. NOT comfortable.

Keep that cactus watered!

LoS - Those are the memories we cherish, right?

AB - I'll get you the details.

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