Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Pin It I went to a ball game yesterday for an old student. Well, not an OLD student as he is only 12. As I sat at the game, I suddenly began to notice that the group around me at large was all eating snow cones. Now, I happen to love snow cones. I remember looking forward to getting them every time my family and I went to Chataqua each year or the country fair.

Feeling this definite need, I strode to the concessions stand where I unfortunately had to wait behind a group of prepubescent, giggly girls. After a millennia of deciding what it was that they wanted, the kid behind the counter promptly went off to get their various and sundry items. I have a distinct feeling that he felt he needed to make the cheese for their nachos himself and freeze the ice especially for these girls, I felt this as I realized that I was aging as I stood there…waiting.

Yet the incessant beckon of the snow cone was relentless.

I waited.

After a few major holidays had passed—as well as a few birthdays—the girls finally left the stand talking a bit louder and acting a bit more goofy than necessary. Ah, the inhibitions of youth (or perhaps idiocy). It became my turn at the window.

“Once snow cone, please…lime.”

The boy nodded to show his comprehension and, this time heading off to Antarctica to get the ice, finally returned with my frozen delight sometime between then and the millennium. However, this did not matter; I just knew it would be worth the wait in the end. Already my palette was watering for a taste of that syrupy-sweetened icy goodness.

I returned to the game and discovered that an entire inning has lapsed in my absence. Curse those giggly girls! Ah well, it mattered not. I had my snow cone and I was ready to enjoy it.

I took my first bite.

It didn’t taste…right. What had happened to that wonderful arctic goodness? To that sickly-sweet flavor? To the wintry-sugary taste?

Something was definitely amiss. This was not the same delightful treat I’d enjoyed as a kid. This was not what I’d envisioned as I stood at the counter…feeling my lifetime draining away..

I did eat about half of the snow cone, more out of duty than enjoyment. Finally, I decided that it wasn’t worth it in the end and threw the remainder in the trash.

The game soon ended, and the team I’d been supporting was victorious. However, I still felt unfilled. I drove home and made a batch of cookie dough. I haven’t eaten any yet, but it’s in the freezer, waiting…thank goodness for that doughy-cookie goodness.

Who needs snow cones anyway?


cari said...

It's kind of like Twinkies. I used to love them as a kid. I haven't had one in years but for some reason I wanted one the other day. They are so gross! What a disappointment.

P.S. Girls at that age are so incredibly annoying. In all fairness to them, it's such a hard time. I know this because I remembering being so annoying and obnoxious at that age and I'm still embarrassed when I think about it.

cari said...

I mean I REMEMBER not REMEMBERING. Whatever.

shoezimm said...

It really does stink to find out that something you loved in childhood no longer tastes good. Maybe our taste buds have grown up, maybe things just aren't made as well as they once were, but you still walk away feeling cheated. The one thing I really do love that still tastes great are Sesame Snaps. Mmmmmmm. Hard to find now but still delicious!

Gerb said...

To be honest, I think those chocolate waxy donuts are kind of gross, but eating them evokes such great memories! Talk about comfort food...

NY1596 said...

I think that those powdered Hostess donuts with raspberry in them rate up there too. Well, maybe not as I still eat them.

The Scotts said...

Snow cones...BOO :(
Sno Shack...YAY!!!!! They are just like the snow cones of our youth, but bigger, icier, and sweeter!!

Esp. the one in the Harmon's parking lot here. Being Sno Shak connoisseurs we have tried everything in town, this definitely rates up there!

Yum, Blue Coconut, I can't wait for it to open today!!

Julie said...

My sister and I had a snoopy snow cone machine, and it was the best. However, now snow cones are to sweet for me sometimes, and I would rather just have a cup of shaved ice...hold the flavor!

smalltoes said...

My dearest Jason, How I love the goodness of frozen stuff. I think I eat at least 10 otter pops a day. I love your cookie dough. Bring some next time to work. PLEASE!!

Anonymous said...

I never cared for the snowcones, too cold on my teeth!
I did love the Zingers when I was a kid, the vanilla ones. (I hated chocolate when I was a kid, but I love it now!)
I wish I could just whip up a batch of Poo and put it in my freezer. It always seems that when you try someone else's recipe it never tastes the definitely own the best poo making contest!

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