Thursday, June 19, 2008

My sister

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I wanted to do a post today in honor of my sister.

My sister is amazing at times.

The week is one of those times.

I, at times, can take her for granted and the kind individual she is.

I left on Sunday for a camping trip and would be gone for 4 days. As I blazed out of my house I left it looking like the slob leprechaun had thrown up all over the place.

I came back last night. My house was clean. Everything was organized and put away. My sister even showed up around 5 to make me dinner.

I have a great sister.

I just wanted everyone to know.

But yes, she can still drive me crazy sometimes.


cari said...


shoezimm said...

Before the world stands back in awe over how magnificent, benevolent and charismatic I am I think I should honestly state for the record that I was more than amply compensated with BBQ grill priviledges and rotting my brain out watching BSG on the big screen while you were gone.

Thanks for the loving words...where's the kleenex when I need it?

Julie said...

She is amazing!

Yancy said...

that's my sister!


Kris said...

Its good when you grow up and notice how great our siblings really are!

annette said...

Siblings can care for you like noone else. And yes, I too am a fan of that wonderful sister of yours!

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