Thursday, June 19, 2008


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I went on a walk this evening…as I did I was overcome with the fragrant aroma of standing on summer’s threshold. I paused in my travel and stopped to embrace the odor of a flower I hadn’t smelled since childhood.

It took me back to playful days with my friends, of summers which seemed to last a lifetime with trails through the forest and secret rendezvous.

I thought I’d share a photo I’ve taken with my new camera. Nikon’s new S-Series allows you to capture not only sound and image, but smell as well.

I didn’t believe it either.

The image I’ve uploaded has the smell imbedded in the file. All you need to do is enlarge the image and very gently rub your screen in the section indicated with the circle (if you have a newer screen without a glass coating, rubbing gently with a soft cloth will work as well).

I love the smells around me and just wanted to share.


Teachinfourth said...

By the way, if you actually believed that and rubbed your screen before smelling, you may not want to admit it here.

If you did indeed do it, I still have some of that invisible stuff I need to get rid's going at a good price too!

Farscaper said...

Ever see "The Fox and the Hound" - the part where they first meet. The Copper is sniffing the ground tracking something. That's exactly how I felt the other day when I was at a garden center. Something smelled sooooo good I had to hunt it down to find it. It was Honeysuckle.

I did the same "follow that smell" at another garden center a few days earlier and it was Jasmine that drew me over.

I MUST plant one or both of those somewhere here. They are "happy smells" to me.

By the way.. I did NOT touch my screen (not my newish LCD - my precious) but SURE wished I could get it to work like that. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I didn't rub the screen (as you would say, "Curses!") But I did find myself laughing at your new "scratch and sniff" sticker.


cari said...

I love the smells of summer as well. My street is lined (well, one side is) with Russian Olive trees that smell so sweet this time of year.

I got a new Nikon for mother's day. Maybe I'll have to check the owner's manual to see if it has the scratch and sniff feature. :) I do like how well it does with close ups. Pretty cool!

Gerb said...

I am sad to say I am not even sure what honeysuckle smells like. My favorite summer smells (that bring back great memories) are cocoa butter and summer rain.

Could you capture those with your new fancy-schmancy camera for me? I'd pay handsomely for the scratch-and-sniff feature.

annette said...

Scratch-n-sniff, I wish it were true- it would be cool.

"I was overcome with the fragrant aroma of standing on summer’s threshold" Beautifully worded.

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