Saturday, June 21, 2008

Tonight I was at Comedysportz.

Pin It I never feel like going when I am supposed to be there. Yet, something incredible happens when I arrive and the show starts…It’s like a whole new person seems to take over and suddenly, I’m so glad that I am there.

Tonight’s shows were good. I had friends come, which made it so much better than it might have been they not been there. When somebody comes to the shows I feel like I’m doing the show specifically for them. It makes all the difference.

Tonight’s show was fraught with those things which make me laugh out loud…of course it always helps when there are people playing whom you enjoy watching.

I’ve had several folks ask me why I don’t perform on stage anymore. I wanted to respond to this…there isn’t any deep reason; I stopped simply because I felt that I wasn’t so funny anymore.

Let me explain...

When I am standing before a group of kids (say, in a classroom) I can say things which they’ll take home to their parents, “You’ll never guess what Mr. Z said today...” This is usually followed by laughter or comments of, “It was so cool!”

Yet, with adults you don’t always get the same results.

Not that I can’t be witty, eloquent, or entertaining. It’s just more of a challenge when somebody points at you and says, “Okay, be funny...ready? Now!” It’s just more pressure than I felt I really wanted.

As a result, I opted to try out for Mr. Voice—which I’ve now done for over four years. I like it a lot. I’m still a part of the show, but more of a “background” object. When the audience is watching a scene where the players are camping and the cricket chirps come in or the grunt of a large animal, it brings realism to the scene and makes the audience feel more so like what they are witnessing is real.

That’s what I do.

Am I still funny?

Just ask a 12 year-old.


Farscaper said...

I need to get over there at some point in my life. Husband and I know a few of the "players" from waayyy long time ago. (Garrens) We got to know them when we had a theatre group up in AM Fk (Joel, Mark B.) I think half our main cast were "Garrens" (Dallen, Joel, Mark, Lincoln etc..).

Someday..... Someday.....

(I'll be sitting next to the guy who's either sleeping or who has just bonked his head on a nearby hard object from throwing his head around too much out of laughter)

Gerb said...

I didn't have a 12-year-old to ask, but my almost 12-year-old responded, "Are you KIDDING?! He's awesome!" For fun I asked my 13-year-old and 15-year-old, too. I learned that you become less funny (or they become too cool to admit it) the longer they have been out of your classroom. 13-y-o said, "Yeah" and 15-y-o said "I don't know. Sometimes."

We don't like to go to CS unless we know you're working. The other Mr. Voices aren't nearly as good.

Emily said...

I had a great time when you were there! I like Mr. Voice.
I also happen to think you're really funny, and I laugh and pretty much everything you say. So, either you ARE really funny, or I have the emotional intelligence of a 12 year old. Hmm. Words to think about :)
Also, DDR is in my exercise plan. So you should come play.

smalltoes said...

You are funny; you came really close to mentioning me, your one true love. Maybe next time! I can't wait!

Teachinfourth said...

FS - I look forward to seeing you there (though I'll probably not know who you are).

Gerb - See, just like I told you. Also, you might be slightly biased when you come to CSZ.

Emmy - comment. I think a little DDR could be in the immediate future.

Shay-Shay - Just waiting for the right moment to profess it, you know?

Graton said...

Reading this brought back the memory of our visit to comedysports with you as "Mr. Voice". We loved it.

annette said...

The things "Mr. Voice" thinks to throw in there MAKE the show- and you're the best.

I'm still laughing about the giant "lightning bug" (a.k.a. messed up street light) outside of your window and your commentary on having to deal with it.

All I know is you can bring a smile out of me anytime, even when I've been gloomy.

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