Monday, June 2, 2008

Summer Day 1

Pin It Schedule:

6:30 Get up, shower, & eat breakfast – Check

7:15 Begin writing – Check

10:20 Stop writing – check

10:20 Run to new school & drop off extra items, deliver stuff kids left at school, and run errands up to North Orem – Check

12:30 Get headache – Check

2:30 Get home from all errands and start making dinner – Check

2:31 Drink a Dr. Pepper (for medicinal purposes) & take two Excedrin Migraine pills – Check

5:00 Guests arrive and stay until 8:10 – Check

8:11 Work on camping trip stuff and pause to snap a few photos of a rainbow – Check

8:40 Break for a minute or two to read up on blogs – Check

8:42 Spend about 20 minutes researching and writing up Gerb’s comment – Check

9:02 Start calling people for trip – Check

9:50 Finish calls for the night – Check

10:14 Start to think up things I’d like to blog about – Check

10:14 Have lots of really lame ideas – Check

10:18 Start blogging about my schedule because I didn’t feel like doing anything else – Check

10:24 Post blog and go to bed – Check


NY1596 said...

A schedule is probably a pretty good idea, you know? I should consider doing that this summer.

Gerb said...

20 minutes - Wow! I was just thinking you had all those old sayings floating around in your head, haunting you from the past... that comment was amazing - well worth the research.

Kris said...

Well I wish I could be so scheduled. But of coarse we custodians don't get summers off!.....Hey where ya going camping? We are going too on Thursday-Sunday, well I have to have some vacation time!

Emily said...

Sounds like a pretty good day. So can we play soon?

Teachinfourth said...

NY - It always helps to have something next to do...that way, you don't ever feel that there is absolutely nothing to do.

Gerb - I hadn't even heard of some of those, however, others I'd known and used quite often. What's that saying about a job worth doing?

Kris - Goblin Valley State Park in about two weeks. After that, I'll be headed to your neck of the woods and the San Rafael Swell. Love it there!

Emmy - Are you back? If so, we can play...just give me a day, babe.

Anonymous said...

What a schedule! Mine is jam pakced as well. When do we get a break to just sit and do nothing?

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