Friday, June 13, 2008

It's all I had

Pin It I’ve come to the conclusion that guys should never…I repeat, never have to wrap presents. Those of the feminine part of our species will only criticize us later, telling us about how the color was totally wrong for a wedding, or that the bow doesn’t match well enough for the thing to be taken out in public. But really, who cares if the paper is from Christmas?

Shouldn't we have Christmas in our hearts all year long?

However, girls should also realize this about guys and cut us just a little bit of slack…that, or just do it for us and save us all a lot of heartaches, headaches, earaches, and eyeaches.

Happy wedding, Kirsten…the present is much better than the wrapping.


Farscaper said...

Can I just say WOW!!! You used REAL wrapping paper!!! My husband typically wraps stuff in a Wal-mart plastic bag. Or, when he's feeling really creative he will use the newspaper ads we get for free in the mail. (I'm just thrilled when I don't see the bra ads staring me in the face).

shoezimm said...

And am I ever jealous....I still remember the Risk game that you wrapped in a throw blanket you grabbed off of my couch at the last minute! Trust me, girls are impressed that something is wrapped in real wrapping paper...not what holiday the paper is from!

Gerb said...

Did you curl that ribbon for the bow all by yourself? I didn't know guys could do that. And, for the record, I still wrap all my kids' friend's birthday gifts in Christmas paper. Until it's gone, I'm not buying anything else. And the paper just gets thrown away, so who cares? I'm all about practical.

Miya said...

Wow...Roy usually just folds a few newspapers over any gifts for me!

Kris said...

I'm laughing so hard right now i cannot comment! Well there are bags that you can buy and put a gift in instead of wrapping. Um I think it was a guy that invented them!

cari said...

Impressive. :)

A little trick if you're ever in a pinch again is to turn the paper inside out and wrap it with the white side out and then any ribbon would match and at least at first glance it would look nice. But only do it if the other side is plain white. Don't do it if there's cutting grids on it. That would be totally lame.

Teachinfourth said...

FS - I usually did that as well. I probably should have just gone with what was familiar.

Shoe - I probably would have done that again, however, I didn't want to get rid of any of the blankets I currently own.

Gerb - No. The bows are also Christmas 75% off-ers. I'm all about the convenience and cheapness.

Meem - A man after my own heart.

Kris - Yeah, I've used them. The brown bags from the grocery store, right?

Cari - There's cutting grids on wrapping paper? Whoa...must be for those intense wrappers.

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