Sunday, June 1, 2008

Drink it, Doctor's orders!

Pin It Remember when I said that Mt. Dew was the nectar of the gods? Well, it is clear now that I was mistaken…I’ve since discovered that the true nectar is really Dr. Pepper.

I should say that I only have it in my home for medicinal purposes, however, this would be a sordid lie as it has become a recreational beverage as well as a “doctor” of sorts.

In fact, about a week ago I had the same breakfast for about three days straight, and the doctor was a part of it.

I know, I’m wicked.

But who knew wicknessness tasted so good?


Kris said...

At least its diet! mmmmm

Farscaper said...

You are an evil, evil man!!! ;-)

Personally I don't like soda. Thank goodness. (back in my Univ. days) I use to drink Mt. Dew when driving home to AZ. It was my rev juice. Always hated the way I felt the next day. My friends wanted to go play and I couldn't move.

When you have your own kids, remember this: Kids + Return of the Jedi + lightsabres = a bunch of crying and bonked heads eventually. Must go mediate.

cari said...

Oh, heck yeah! I'm totally addicted. You're not the only evil one. :)

Leah said...

You have a label just for migrane posts?

Gerb said...

Diet? Seriously? I mean, if you're gonna be a sinner, make it worth your while!

Teachinfourth said...

Kris - Yeah, the other stuff is way too sweet.

FS - I had stopped drinking it for awhile, but I've since been sucked back in.

Cari - We're all in this together, eh?

Leah - Well, they do happen pretty regularly.

Gerb - I guess I don't want too much sinning...after all, I don't want the devil of the airwaves to stand in my light.

Yancy said...

The Dr. is Leah's favorite soda. :)

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