Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Christmas Angel

Pin It It hasn’t felt like Christmas.

To be honest, it hasn’t felt like the holidays for a long time. I remember when I was a kid and Christmas would approach. I’d be filled with a youthful wonder. I’d be unable to sleep. The wonderful thrill of the day to come would overcome both my mind and heart. I’d lie awake for hours waiting, hoping, and anticipating the day to come.

The years have flown since those simpler days, and no matter how one tries to drag their feet, time speeds steadily onward. She does not stop, but instead hastens upon auburn and coffee wings.

To be honest, today felt no different than other days as of late. This is not what I wanted Christmas to be…I wanted snow to be falling from the heavens with gray, overcast skies. I wanted jubilant Christmas songs played while the smell of Christmas cookies drifted about on the warm air. I wanted mugs of steamy, hot chocolate with candy canes and marshmallow foam.

But none of these things were able to awaken the elation of Christmas past. Today was fated to become yet just another day in the history I’ve come to know of as life.

That’s when it happened…but before I go into details, I have to ask the question…

Do you believe in angels?

I’m not talking about glorious manifestations such as those who announced the birth of the Holy Child to shepherds abiding their flocks by night. I know all about those angels…it’s the other angels—the angels around us every day. These are the angels of whom I speak. These are the same type of angels the group, Alabama, sang of in their song entitled, “Angels Among Us.”

When life held troubled times,
and had me down on my knees.

There’s always been someone there
to come along and comfort me.

A kind word from a stranger,
to lend a helping hand.

A phone call from a friend,
just to say I understand.

And ain’t it kind of funny
that at the dark end of the road.

Someone lights the way
with just a single ray of hope.

Oh, I believe
there are angels among us.

Sent down to us
from somewhere up above.
They come to you and me
in our darkest hours.

To show us how to live,
to teach us how to give.

To guide us with a light of love.

This Christmas Eve I had an angel. And to that angel I say, ‘thank you.’ You’ll never know how truly appreciated your visit was.

As the smell of Christmas cookies now waft about the room, as the evening skies darken and the snow reflects the lights of the city, I have to admit…it is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.

And yes, I do believe in angels.


mywest said...

We love you! Thanks for allowing us to give you your early memories anticipating Christmas morning. As you well know the greatest gift we can have is knowing who we are, where we are going and where the gift came from. I could just start crying thinking about my parents and what is happening in my life. You know what I'm talking about...Thanks for what I call rocking chair memories....
Love, DAD

Kris said...

I truly believe that as we grow older, Christmas just loses a lot of meaning in many ways. Even when you have kids and grandkids. This year I have tried to get that feeling back. I really believe you have to stop and think every once in awhile why we celebrate this time of year. And the snow does help! Merry Christmas Jason!


Merry Christmas Jason!

andrea said...

one of my favorite songs. i believe there are angels among us! and sometimes i think even all of us are angels to each other. Merry Christmas!

Stephen T said...

I believe......

This year has seen many angels in my life, and that of my family. Thanks for the reminder. Merry Christmas Jason.

Gerb said...

Your Christmas wish was granted - a world decorated in white - and the thick snowflakes continue to fall!

You are one of my favorite friends. Thank you for that.

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

Teachinfourth said...

Dad - All important gifts.

Kris - Snow really does. Family does much more.

SB - A Merry Christmas back to you, too.

Andrea - True enough. I appreciate those times when I have those angels sent to me. I hope I heed the call when it comes my turn though.

Stephen - Hope your Christmas was a good one, too.

Gerb - Right back atcha!

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