Friday, December 19, 2008


Pin It The gods of winter were showing no mercy, as I braved the icy roads and swirling cyclones of crystallized air.

I was on a mission.

I had to reach the post office to send off a gift, so that it would arrive before Christmas Day.

I figured that with the weather as terrible as it was, the streets would be nearly empty; those with errands to run, would naturally decide to save their last-minute rushing for another day.

I was wrong. It was as if the bad weather were actually a driving magnet. It felt like rush hour in the middle of town, with everyone creeping along with white knuckles between ten and twelve miles per hour.

Heck, it might even be Christmas by the time I would finally be able to reach the post office.

When I arrived at my destination I was a bit dismayed to see the parking lot jammed full of cars. Wouldn’t you know it, I hadn’t brought my headphones either so my iPod was next to worthless; I was already imagining the line I’d have to stand in which would probably stretch from here until Valentine’s Day…that is, if I didn’t die from old age first.

As I entered into the building I saw that the line was indeed long…how long? Let’s just say that I could have listened to Stairway to Heaven five or six times—the long version—before I would be able to make any headway through that line to send off my package.

I took in a deep breath, braced myself for the worst, and then to what to my wandering eyes should appear? A self-service machine in the foyer with only two people in front of it! Could this be real? I mean, if this machine really did allow you to send mail, why weren’t there more people lined up to utilize its services?

I could only surmise that it was from ignorance.

Well, I promptly joined the ‘self-service’ line and in the time it took Silver Bells to finish playing on the overheads, I was out once-again in a wintry wonderland, and well on my way to a warm, cozy home.

Best of all…I was home before Christmas.


mywest said...

Gods of winter...showing no mercy while driving to the post office. Come up here and I will show you what winter is all about... I took mom to the hospital today for some tests and I know what its like to follow some white knuckled grandpa... I'm a old dog but this guy needed to be on oxygen or something! Finally I decided to pass him or never get to the hospital in this calendar year... Just as I passed him he pulled over in a parking area and I would guess he was trying to remember where he was going.
Anyway glad your trip to the post office was successful...hope it was our gift you were mailing!!!
Love, DAD

Emily said...

Phew. I'm glad you made it in time for the holidays. Let me tell you that I have post-office phobia. It is a real fear, I tell you. Each and every time I go to the post office something bad happens. Case in point? Wallet stolen, car decal stolen (someone ripped the VW off the back...weird), package leaks, and of course, I always get stuck in line next to a) screaming children or b) creepy men. Ugh. I have a package to pick up that I'm considering waiting until after Christmas, just so I don't have to wait in the line!! I did get colored contacts, though. I look pretty awesome, (ha), you should come see me :)

Anonymous said...

I just found a post office in a bank by the Smiths grocery store. It is at the light that you have to turn at to go to Saratoga Springs. It is always empty! I had to ask to make sure it was for real! Guess you wouldn't want to drive out here just to mail a package!
I am glad you got yours mailed off before Christmas!

Julie said...

I'm glad you found out the secret. The self-service machine is my best friend. I should have introduced you!

summer said...

the funny thing about people...we stand in a line because other people stand in that line. We are followers. Even if we think that there might be another option (i.e. the self-service machine) we are so worried at the thought of possibly losing our 100th place in line to perhaps be 1st...why give up a sure thing for something unsure I suppose? But usually, that unsure thing is really great! And totally saves you a lot of time! SO glad to know that someone else has discovered the blessing of the Self-Serve line :)

Stephen T said...

The self-service machine has been a life saver for me on more than one occasion. If you forget to mail something that has a post-mark deadline, you can buy a regular stamp at the self-service machine. The machine prints the stamp AND the post-mark date. I have avoided some late fees this way.

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