Friday, March 7, 2008

Another dough day

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I felt the need.

The dough was in the freezer.

I knew that because I’d put in the freezer­ for a reason.

Frozen dough is so much harder to get to because it is solid.

However, I was determined and didn’t give up.

I love Chunk-A-Poo dough.

It was good.


*BaNaNa* said...

I love chunkapoo too and I really miss them. Today we made cookiedough & your post reminded me of how much I want more, with a big glass of milk. I don't think you can find anyone else in the world who likes a bowlful of cookiedough and a big glass of milk.

summer said...

mmmm...sounds yummy. I haven't made cookies in such a long time - and today feels like a day to make and bake. Of course more dough will be consumed than is healthy, but it's just too tempting and good! Is chunk-a-poo dough really better? I need to ask for this recipe too, please?!
ps. thanks for the picture. that seems like the other day and forever ago all at the same time.

Teachinfourth said...


You and I share the "big bowl of dough & glass of milk" love. I remember tripling a batch of cookie dough when I was about 18 with my roommate & we sat and ate it, watching movies until I got sick. I swore I'd never do THAT again and for the most part, I haven't...I still love it though.

Lord of Summer,

Doesn't time fly? By the way, where'd you get that AMAZING costume? On another note, the Chunk-A-Poo recipe is a carefully-guarded family secret because if the world at large had it there would be FAR too much happiness in it.

Julie said...


K.J. said...

I am Chunk-A-Poo's number one fan! I crave it sometimes in my sleep!

Teachinfourth said...


I love it too...Mmmmmmm.


There have been times I've made it just to eat some dough...though, admittedly, not in my sleep.

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