Saturday, March 29, 2008

I need to write

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I went out with a friend tonight.

She and I hadn’t talked for about a year.

She’s writing a book.

How come I’m not writing a book?

I blog.

I’m writing though, right?

But why not a book?

It’s because I’m lazy.

I need to manage my time better.

Will the book write itself?

Probably not.

I need to write.


Gerb said...

I need to read. Sorry it's taking me so long!

summer said...

Take your blog and format it into a book. It would be great! - then there are two things you enjoy and have written....done. However, remember that you are also trying to get your photography shown - which would you rather do right now - at this very moment, a book or photography? In my eyes it would be better to do one of those very well, than both of them with mediocrity.

summer said...

I reread my previous comment - and am not pleased with how the ending, not that this might be any better, but here goes. What I hope you understand, is that of course you are completely capable of doing many things all at once, and do them quite well. However, you are also a teacher that lives and breathes to better your students lives - you are definitely not mediocre in this category. If you were to not teach you could without doubt do photography, publish books all while climbing Everest...but there is a balance that we each have to find within ourselves, where we are reaching out for our dreams, stretching our capabilities, and sacrificing something to get ourselves to that point on our horizon....and this usually takes place simultaneously while living in the day dawn that is here and now.

Kris said...

You could call it "The Blog".

Teachinfourth said...


Thanks for agreeing to it in the first place. And by the way, this blog entry was not to try to speed you up...


It is true; work does take a lot of time, but there is also the commitment which needs to stand behind the thing I'm passionate about. Otherwise, am I "giving the least, for that which matters most?" (Always helps to quote something that sounds like a Michael McLean song, doesn't it?)


I'm not sure anybody would want to buy it. To read it free online, probably, but to pay money for random thoughts? It's ludicrous.

Julie said...

Well, I am personally glad that you do blog. You are a very talented writer...among your many other talents.

c jane said...

Didn't you hear? Blog Writing is the new Book Writing.

Being published is so last decade.

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