Thursday, March 27, 2008

Moonshadows and missing body parts

Pin It So, exactly what does it mean to be followed by a moonshadow?

You know, I was at work this morning and I had my iPod set to “shuffle” and this song by Cat Stevens came on. As I was listening to the words I found myself hearing the message behind it. It amazed me that this song is all about looking on the bright side when things may go wrong. For those who may not have heard this song before, I will elaborate:

“…if I ever lose my hands
oh, if...
I won’t have to work no more.”

Wow, what a great attitude! I myself would probably have spent more of my time complaining about just how not fair it was that I no longer had the appendages I’ve become accustomed to. Yet, how hard would it be to really look on the bright side?

Now, would I ever want to lose my hands? Absolutely not! However, not having to work for awhile might be nice, yet not being able to blog would be quite the bummer…

“…and if I ever lose my eyes
If my colours all run dry
yes, if I ever lose my eyes
oh if …
I won't have to cry no more.”

Is the prospect of never having to cry again worth losing my eyesight? Hmmm…not a lot of hard though there on that one; plus the fact that I would no longer be able to do photography. Maybe my eyes are just a little bit too important to me.

“…and if I ever lose my legs
I won't moan and I won't beg
oh if I ever lose my legs
oh if...
I won't have to walk no more.”

If I lost my legs I wouldn’t be able to hike anymore, now would I? I would really regret that. Going to the desert for a couple of days is my solace, “my own private Idaho” so to speak. I couldn’t take not being able to go hiking and exploring the places I love…no, the legs definitely have to stay…

“…and if I ever lose my mouth
all my teeth, north and south
yes, if I ever lose my mouth
oh if...
I won't have to talk...”

My mouth? Hmmm…I guess I could do without talking as I know some moderate Sign Language and I could always communicate with Gerb. However, without a mouth this would eliminate lips as well, and that would put kissing out along with talking now wouldn’t it? Also eating, right? Perhaps losing the mouth wouldn’t quite be the thing I needed…

Well Cat, when I really stop to think about it, and though you sound awfully upbeat in your message about losing body parts, I think I’d be much more content to keep what I’ve got…but still, thanks for the killer song…


Anonymous said...

I never really thought about the song that way.
You made some really good points.
I think it is a great song.
I am thankful for all of my body parts...even if they are getting old!

Anonymous said...

I forgot...I have never had the opportunity to hear you play the guitar.
I have only been told of this one talent of many that you have, by Trevor and Shailyn.
The video made me think about that.
You should post a blog of you playing your guitar...what do you think?

Gerb said...

I'll keep all my appendages, thank you. And my eyes, mouth and ears as well. If I had to choose which one to live without, it would be ears - but I would be very sad to no longer hear music, the laughter & witty remarks of my kids, or rainfall.

I'm glad I don't have to choose.

Teachinfourth said...


I hadn't either until just the other day when I was listening to it. As for the guitar, you would need to come in for a "live" performance as I don't think I'd post any of it on YouTube.


You mentioned a few good things to hear...but I would have to pick the same thing...I would miss the sounds, but I'd rather see the beauty around me.

annette said...

It made me think..
If I lost my hands would I really stop working? If I lost my eyes, would I really stop seeing? If I lost my ears would I really stop hearing? If I lost my legs, would that stop me from hiking? If I lost my mouth would that stop me from kissing? From eating?

No. I would find a way! :)

Anonymous said...

When do you perform live? I need a time so I can come in and be part of the audience...I can't wait!
Free admission, right?

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