Friday, March 21, 2008

I miss the desert

Pin It Yesterday I was listening to a song as I drove, as I did, I felt a sudden longing for the desert, for my place of solace. In order to help satisfy that desire, I decided to read some of the poetry I'd written on a visit I had down there about three years ago...

Wildhorse Butte

Crickets chime in a perfect orchestra
As the stars glimmer overhead in solemn silence
Darkened buttes stand inky black against the luminous sky
As the Milky Way drifts overhead, rich and lazy
The desert whispers its secrets on the breath of a night zephyr
As my prickling ears listen to its unspoken words


The desert wind calls my name
As the aged sandstone looks onward silently
The stillness of the moment beckons me further
Beyond the well-traveled roads I’ve walked before
I constantly am seeking
Images of a distant past,
Play in the stillness of the moment
Echoes of yet another place of time
Strewn and dusty, yet unbroken
I constantly am listening
Red and amber-colored stone cliffs
Watch me silently as I find myself lost amidst distant and lonely canyons
Sighs from the rocky crags find their way to me
Like abandoned souls caught in the wind
I am alone, and in this I find my solace.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm pretty sure you should give up your day job! Beautiful photography, beautiful words! I thought I could smell the desert when I read 'Alone'. Now all I need is my hiking shoes and a water bottle. I'm outta here!

Julie said...

I love these poems and pictures! I miss it too! :(

Teachinfourth said...


Too bad photography and poetry can't take me where I want to go. However, it does remind me of where I've been.



K.J. said...

I haven't really had the opportunity to travel much.
Looking at these pictures and reading the makes me feel like I am there!

Teachinfourth said...


I wish I were there now!

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